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Autonobot Power Supplies:

Our power supplier are designed for compact feature filled performance. 

MDC1 Multiple DC Voltage Power Supply:

MDC1 technology was developed to eliminate multiple power supplies and battery packs used in small robotic systems.

The ultimate robotic power supply Ė Six simultaneous DC voltages efficiently generated from a single quad AA battery pack. This unit will power a combination of sensors, actuators, motors and electronics, which all may have different configuration and voltage requirements. 


  •  3.3V    (modern CPUís & ICís)

  •  3.6V    (Lithium battery replacement)

  •  4.8V    (NiCad or NiMH battery pack replacement)

  •  5V       (sensors and older ICís)

  •  6V       (servo motors)

  •  9V       (9V battery & internally regulated modules)

  •  12V     (DC motors, etc)