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MDC1 Multiple DC Voltage Power Supply

The ultimate robotic power supply Ė Six simultaneous DC voltages efficiently generated from a single quad AA battery pack. This unit will power a combination of sensors, actuators, motors and electronics, which all may have different configuration and voltage requirements. 


  •  3.3V    (modern CPUís & ICís)

  •  3.6V    (Lithium battery replacement)

  •  4.8V    (NiCad or NiMH battery pack replacement)

  •  5V       (sensors and older ICís)

  •  6V       (servo motors)

  •  9V       (9V battery & internally regulated modules)

  •  12V     (DC motors, etc) 

Using separate battery packs for each voltage requirement is bulky, heavy,  difficult to wire and it is hard to ensure all batteries are charged properly, as they deplete at different rates. In addition, battery voltages may drop as their capacity is depleted, making it difficult to operate subsystems that require a constant voltage. Separate battery packs are also difficult to turn on in a coordinated sequence, especially when they need to be turned on simultaneously. The MDC1 power supply solves all of these issues with it's single quad AA battery pack. 

MDC1-BP Battery Pack

The MDC1 power supply provides enough different output voltages and current to run almost any small robotic device using a single, small, robust, quick-change battery pack.


MDC1 Specifications (PDF)

Key Benefits

  • Versatility: Power up to six different components each with different DC voltage requirements.

  • Compact: Small footprint will minimize space usage. No need for multiple power supplies and battery packs.

  • Functional: Constant voltage throughout battery life.

  • Quick Swap Battery Pack: Additional MDC1-BP battery packs are quick swappable for seamless performance.


MDC1 Power Supply (Battery pack included)

Description SKU # Price
Qty: 1 MDC1 $84.99
Qty: 10 MDC1 $79.99
Qty: 100 MDC1 Call

Additional MDC1-BP Battery Packs

Description SKU # Price
Qty: 1 MDC1-BP $25.99
Qty: 10 MDC1-BP $24.99
Qty: 100 MDC1-BP Call